Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Tabernacle..........June 17

Jesus are you there?

"What is faith save to believe
what you do not see?"

St. Augustive of Hippo

"Oh, a splendor very surely, dear Lord!"


Anonymous said...

Oh, Micki...This is just so lovely...Thank You kindly for sharing this treasure!

"Peace & Happiness",

Anonymous said...

Thomas, ou beleive because you have seen. But Blessed are those who beleive without seeing.

Micki, when I went to Medjugorje I was blessed to see some things that I never beleived I would ever see in this life on earth.
But, when I left Medjugorje I felt a little sad that the Lord has to give the world signs to beleive. We should love him and beleive in him without signs.

Anonymous said...


I'm sorry, but I cannot figure out a really good translation of the Dutch words on this card, which appear to be, "Ach, luister toch eens, lieve Heer!" Perhaps someone who is bilingual can help us.

The best I can do is this (being unsure of the words in the middle):
"Oh, a splendor very surely, dear Lord!"


Joey's Brigade said...

I have seen this Holy Card but without color. How precious this is with color. The tenderness of a child to adore her Lord without any pretenses. We are all called to such faith. Oh sweet Jesus in the Tabernacle... increase our Love and faith for you so that we may radiate it to the entire world!!!

In Carmel,
Gina Elizabeth

Anonymous said...

I found a "Dutch to English" dictionary on the internet that shows:
ACH: (ah, woe)
LUISTER: (listen)
TOCH: (but, so, certainly, yet)
EENS: (just, once, one day, once upon a time)
LIEVE: (mensen, dear, hoi)
HEER: (lord)


Micki said...

Freda - Your so welcomed. I'm happy to be sharing HIS "family album."

Ed - So true. I find it easy to believe but there is the warning about the "false prophets" and that means we also have to discern...with the Holy Spirit's help.

John - Thanks....I'll put it on as is...makes sense to me.

Gina - Thank you for the added prayer....I love it.

Freda - Interesting...however when put together it doesn't make any sense to me???

Denise said...

Beautiful. I have one very similar and I'm going to try to attach it and send it to you for comparison.

Denise in Ohio