Thursday, June 5, 2008

Perfection..........June 5

"God does not ask of us perfection of tomorrow, nor even of tonight, but only of the present moment."

St. Madeline Sophie Barat

The Latin words mean, "Hail, o Queen, our life, sweetness, (and) hope."

Translation thanks to John


Anonymous said...

The Latin words mean, "Hail, o Queen, our life, sweetness, (and) hope."

Anonymous said...

We beg Our Lady to hold this world close to her and protect us and intercede!
Thankyou, Micki, for the lovely card and also for the encouraging quote!

Diane S.

Joey's Brigade said...

The Way to Perfection lies in perfect persistance... never giving up. Hail Holy Queen our Life Sweetness and Hope indeed.

Micki, You are such a gift to us all. My soul is so edified by your Holy Cards. May Our Lady hold you always close to her for your beautiful ministry to us all.

Gina Elizabeth O.C.D.S

Micki said...

John - Sounds like words of a favorite prayer :-)

Diane - I join you in begging Mary to hold ourworld close to her. What a beautiful prayer. Thank you.

Gina - I pray our Lord holds all of us for what we bring to one another. Thank you for the wonderful thought.

Anonymous said...

How confidence-inspiring this image is. I have seen similar images but not this one. Thank you as always Micki, for sharing it with us.
For me, spontaneously, it visually represents the following (words not even needed, that is):
O clement, O loving, O sweet Virgin Mary -- you are indeed watching and praying for us O Holy Mother of God, that we may be made worthy of the promises of Christ.

Greetings in Jesus to all,

Easter A. said...

How I love that picture of Mary holding the earth! Yes, she holds the earth and all children of God in it with much love and care!

John, thank you. My 6 year old is learning that prayer. You bet some of the words to that prayer were changed with words that sounded alike (synonyms :-) ). I had to smile. I am sure Mary was too.

Micki, thank you for all your love and dedication in sharing with us your inspiring collection. Have a joyful weekend! :-)

wendybirde said...

Oh this was so beautiful Micki, both the holy card and the qoute. I love that you shared this!

I've shared them on my blog today, hope thats okay : )

Peaceful weekend to you : ) Wendy