Monday, June 2, 2008

Silence..........June 2

Let us adore Jesus in our hearts, who spent 30 years out of 33 in silence; who began his public life by spending 40 days in silence; who often retired alone to spend the night on a mountain in silence. He who spoke with authority, now spends his earthly life in silence. Let us adore Jesus in the eucharistic silence.

Mother Teresa of Calcutta


Prayerflowers said...

Welcome Home Precious Micki!
You have been missed...I know I don't get to speak with you very much...but you have touched my heart in a special way and blessed me. Your hobby has blessed me in ways you cannot even imagine. The message on this card is so important...simple and so effective. I love Mother Teresa...
Your holy pictures are such a treasure they bring me so much comfort.
Love you precious Micki,

Anonymous said...

Good early morning, Micki, and friends. Micki, you and Prayerflowers inspired me to include the name of a blog site in my comments. It has three video clips of Mother Teresa that you might like to see. Watching them myself, I was completely captivated and had a profound sense of Jesus present to overflowing within her. She seemd filled to the brim with unspeakable agony, unspeakable knowing and unspeakable love. The site name is
In Jesus, AspiringFOOL (FriendOfOurLord)

Jackie Parkes said...

mikki....can you post on my blog again alphabetic thing and how to do...

Ebeth said...


I used this picture on the pillars for the opening of Hurricane season. Living on the coast of NC always bring a bit of apprehensiveness come June.

Prayer for the season! and thanks for the pictures.


Micki said...

Prayerflowers - So good to see you hear again. I'm so glad you find comfort in the holy cards. I would imagine that you too could be creating a beautiful card with your artistic talent :-)

Friend of our Lord - Thank you for passing along the address for the Mother Teresa blogspot. It is such a joy to share our love of all these wonderful people.

Jackie - So much nicer.

Ebeth - Hurricanes, Tornados and Floods. What an incentive for prayer!