Friday, June 27, 2008

Our Lady of Japan..........June 27

O Mary, you are forever connected with Jesus
as His Mother and as His closest disciple.
Let me never hesitate to honor you
for in doing so
I am honoring your Divine Son.


Esther said...

Micki, Thank you! Our Joey is from Japan so that country is dear to us. God bless,

Anonymous said...

"O Mary..." Amen.

And - that we 'see' her in both familiar and unfamiliar forms is all the more far-reaching and stirring, benefiting our Lord's causes in unknown and unthought-of ways.

Thank you, Micki. Sincerely.

And think, everyone, how might this world be blessed through Micki's devotion and sacrifices and offerings to "Holy Cards For Your Inspiration" !?

She called me a friend once. She herself is a greatest of friends, yes?


Micki said...

Esther - I am so glad to hear that you liked this card. I love seeing Mary depicted in all sorts of different cultures. Isn't Joey also our St. Augustine Confirmation young man?

Friend of our Lord - You are too complimentary. Thank you. I do consider you a special friend. So glad we met on the blog. You always add much to comments. Too bad we don't get more people taking part in some of the questions you present.

Esther said...

Yes, he is Micki! Mahalo!

Alexandra said...

Oh good, your comments are back! i love this one too. :)

Micki said...

Alexandra - Yes, glad you discovered that the comments are up and running again. Thanks for your comment.

Anonymous said...

It is so beautiful and unique! I loved it!

Micki said...

Thank you. I love it too. It means a lot to know you also feel the same way.