Thursday, June 26, 2008

Birds Sing..........June 26

"The other day--the little birds were singing in the woods. I began to weep. Poor little creatures, I thought within myself, the good God has made you to sing, and you sing. Yet man, who was created that he might love God, loves Him not!

St. John Vianney


paramedicgirl said...

I love St. John Vianney. He, along with Padre Pio, is my favourite saint. I love his simplicity, his holiness and his humility. He is a perfect choice for patron of parish priests.

Charity Therese said...

Wow... This one is so beautiful! Thanks so much for this post. :-D

catholicandgop said...

Beautiful quote and holy card. Thanks for sharing it.

Anonymous said...

I must be a dunce with this quote. Any help anyone???

I would not think 'poor little creatures,' as St. John Vianney did when he witnessed singing birds. I would perhaps laugh and think 'how lucky you are,' and maybe even find a bit more joy for myself in my witness to the creatures.

Also, I would be inclined to think, 'poor mankind,' but man is redeemed so I can't say that either - we are just so blessed!

Regarding the holy card - our natural world correlates to our spiritual world, and I wonder what the correlation is in this holy card. What spiritual truth is depicted?


Micki said...

Paramedicgirl - I agree with you about St. John Vianney. I think he is getting a good workout supporting our good priests in todays problematic world.

Charity Therese - Thank you for your sweet words.

Catholicandgop - Thank you...glad you enjoy.

Friend of our Lord - I agree with you...I didn't understand it either...seems to me singing birds are very good.
As to the "spiritual truth" I think maybe the artist just wanted to show Jesus with His wonderful creatures. Sometimes we should just enjoy these cards for their sweetness and the fact that some artist felt the need to look at something through "rose colored glasses."

Anonymous said...

Amen, Micki! I loved and laughed (with you) at the 'rose colored glasses' reference, and heard you loud and clear. Turn off the questions sometimes and just enjoy! Thanks! Really! I needed that, and today (6/27) is a great day for it. With love, AspiringFOOL(FriendOfOurLord)

Anonymous said...

I just found a most beautiful passage in the book "The Precious Blood" by Fr. Frederick William Faber. It says, on p.241...

"Once he [the Creator] saw the woods, and the mountains, and the lakes, and the foaming rivers, and the flowery plains, which he had made, he remained outside them, and gave them his paternal benediction. But when he had created the Church, not of earth and of his word, but of his Blood and Breath, its fair beauty so won upon him that he came into it, and multiplied himself, and hid himself, in her tabernacles, as the birds hide themselves within the mighty woods."

Amen, AspiringFOOL(FriendOfOurLord)