Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Mother of Mercy..........June 18

"Have recourse to that dear Mary who is the Mother of Mercy.

She will take you into her Son's presence and use her Motherly intercession with Him on your behalf, so that He will be merciful toward you."

St. Catherine of Siena


Holy_Card_Lover_2 said...

Hey Micki!
I am so sorry that I haven't updated my other blog. I was having computer problems, but now I'm back with a new one! Please check it out! Beautiful holy card by the way, I love every one that you post.

Anonymous said...

So beautiful..."Thank You"...Micki...
~Peace & Blessings~Freda~

Joey's Brigade said...

Wow, this one is exquisite! Just love it.

Gina Elizabeth

Micki said...

Josh - Welcome back. I bet you will have lots to add.

Freda - Thank you too.

Gina - High praise from a great blogger. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for these lovely pictures and quotes, but why are you not willing to share it with your brothers and sisters in the Lord?

Micki said...

Anonymous - Thank you for your kind comment. I thought I was sharing by posting them here on a blog. The quotes are easy to copy for your personal reflection. The pictures of my personal holy cards have been copied, sold, posted on blogs as their own and even copied and tried to be sold asoriginals. My purpose has never been for others to steal images to use as their own.