Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father's Day..........June 15


A model for fathers, Saint Joseph is invoked as a protector of the family.

Almighty God, You entrusted you Son, Jesus, and His blessed mother, Mary, to the faithful care of Joseph.

We ask that St. Joseph also protects and guides all the earthly "fathers" we remember today.


Joey's Brigade said...

Happy Father's Day to our foster father St. Joseph and of course to our Heavenly Father.

In Carmel,
Gina Elizabeth

paramedicgirl said...

That is the most beautiful St. Joseph card I have ever seen! I think St. Joseph was much older in real life, but that portrait shows such love between him and Jesus.

Easter A. said...

Micki, Happy Father's Day to your dear husband and to all the dads, godfathers and priests who come to visit your wonderful blog! May the blessings of our Almighty Father and the loving intercession of St. Joseph remain in you always.

Anonymous said...

Any opportunity to celebrate 'Our Heavenly Father's' day is welcome!
I witnessed a friend's ordination into the deaconate yesterday in our cathedral - his whole family participating in the mass, his son having composed the music, his daughter singing the solo, his wife reading the scriptures and his younger sons serving at the altar - What a wonderful father's day!


Micki said...

Gina - I join you in those words.

Paramedicgirl - I guess we are lucky that the artists can take liberty in painting what they think.

Easter - Well said. I agree.

Karl - What a neat thing to be part of this holy celebration. Blessings to all.