Saturday, June 14, 2008

Mary and Jesus..........June 14

"Mother of Christ, Mother of Christ,
Come with thy Babe to me;
Though the world be cold, my heart shall hold
A shelter for Him and for thee."

(A Notre Dame Hymn)


Anonymous said...

Beautiful painting, Micki.
Could this be the artist?
The signature looks like "Giorgio Trevisan."

Thanks for sharing the photos of Alaska. I looked at all 75 of them, because I wanted to (vicariously) experience the state, the only one of the fifty that I have not visited. I will probably never get there in person.

Joey's Brigade said...

Wow, this one is very interesting. I love the contemporary look.

Gina Elizabeth

He Gently Calls Us said...

What a wonderful, tender, and powerful image of Mary with Jesus. I love it. I also love the text that you chose to go with the image. It is a perfect match.

Micki said...

John - It's hard to believe that is the artist...doesn't look like he could be the same painter of such a lovely painting. Glad you enjoyed some of the Alaskan pictures.

Gina - We are lucky to be able to share so many different style of paintings.

Kay - Thanks for the sweet comment. Means a lot coming from you.