Sunday, January 27, 2008

Priest with Paten

"Accept, holy Father..."
(addressed to God the Father)

From the Latin text of the "Offertory" of the Extaordinary Form of the Roman Rite of the Mass (which is similar to the "Preparation of Gifts" in the Ordinary Form of the Rite).

Thanks to John for translation and explanation.


Anonymous said...

Micki, a beautiful "match" to the last card - such rich colours, such rich symbolism.
Best Regards, Lynneda

EC Gefroh said...

Micki, these posts just get better and better.
God bless,

Micki said...

Lynneda - Thank you. It's fun to find a pair.

Esther - Thank you for appreciating these pleasure to bring them here.

Easter Almuena said...

Ahhh Micki, what more can I say? I am simply in awe! :-)

Oh such beautiful hands our priests have! The Father, I can imagine, loves our priests so much for they represent his Son. They are not perfect, that is why we need to pray for them, support them in any way we can that they may continue to be the true embodiment of the risen Christ.

Thanks Micki, as always. Hi to Lynneda. John, I hope you continue to share your knowledge with us.

A Blessed and JOY-FULL week to all!

Easter Almuena said...

"See" you in a few days. I have some babies (ages 13, 9 and 6) who are sick (yes, they'll always be my babies :-) ). Please say a prayer for them. Thanks Micki! :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi to you too, easter! I am praying for your babies... I have one of my own, an 8 year old daughter, and she's my baby too.
Best Regards, Lynneda

Micki said...

Easter - I will say some prayers for all of you. Also remember to be kind and take care of the "caregiver."

Anonymous - OK, I'll share also. My "baby" is 39. Ouch!