Thursday, January 17, 2008

Angel Friends

Make friends with the angels,
who though invisible are always with you.
Often invoke them,
constantly praise them,
and make good use of their help
and assistance in all your
temporal and spiritual affairs.

Saint Francis de Sales


Anonymous said...

What would we do without angels? I know Mom and the angels have rescued me a zillion times.

Nice circle!
Sheep 1

Anonymous said...

Just as I am teaching my little girl all about her Guardian Angel and how they will work together throughout life, up comes this beautiful illustration. Thank you Micki.
Best Regards, Lynneda

Alexandra said...
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Alexandra said...

I love and respect all our saints, but ever since I was a little girl, I've always felt closest to the angels. I can actually feel their presence and they give me the most peace.

Anonymous said...

Ah, what would we do without the protection of our Guardian Angel.
I can't count the times he has rescued me.
I gave my Guardian angel a name.
His name is Samson because I need all the strenght I can get.

Anonymous said...

That is just beautiful.

Micki said...

Kay - I'm sure you keep your angel busy :-)

Lynneda - Hope your little girl likes the card...print it out in black and white and she could color it.

Alexandra - You are blessed to have this feeling. I hope we are all aware of our angels and remember to thank them too for all they do.

Ed - Yes, terrific name. I remember when you had a post of Samson on your blog at one time. Great name. Do you remember mine?

Darcee - Welcome to a first time comment from you at this site. I hope you continue to find things here that you like. Thank you.

X said...

I would say this is one of my very favorite cards!

Easter Almuena said...

My children and I were just discussing the role of guardian angels in our life at our morning prayer time (includes sharing of ideas which the children love).

We named ours, except the youngest one of them (Ed reminded me of this). Anyway, I named mine Micheala. I would like to think that she is the female counterpart of St. Michael. :-)

Beautiful cards as always, Micki!
Love to all! :-)

Prayerflowers said...


What a beautiful thought and teaching by St. Francis de Sales to go with the beautiful picture. We need constant reminders that they are with us always.

God bless you, Micki

Adrienne said...

I love that angel in green standing in front. She has "attitude." I'm sure it's good attitude, though!

Micki said...

Angela M. - I'm sure your guardian angel likes hearing that....hey, maybe one of them IS your guardian angel. :-)

Easter - I love the idea of naming our guardian angels. Michela is a beautiful name. Mine is named "Angel Zona" because he/she guards me from A to Z....and AZ is the state abreviation for the state of Zona. What did your children name their angels?

Prayerflowers - Thank you for pointing out the quote from FdS..especially because I'm late in replying to your note and yesterday was his feast day. St. Francis, pray for us.

Adrienne - You made me smile and I had to go back and look at that particular angel. You are right...that arm on waist just shouts ATTITUDE..(yes, in jest!)