Wednesday, January 2, 2008

The Shepherds


The Shepherds understood the word
that had been spoken to them
concerning this Child
and returned glorifying
and praising God.


Anonymous said...

This is such a lovely card, Micki. Have you any idea as to its age?

I must say it's good to be back! This site has so quickly become part of my daily routine, I miss it when I haven't got it around. Nice to be in touch with all your "regulars" again too. It's quite a good little gang you have here! Thank you.
My Best Regards, Lynneda

Anonymous said...

Micki, did you see Angela's message -- left late yesterday (on the 1/1 thread)? Your beautiful site could not remain a secret for long! The "Register" has many thousands of readers.

Thank you for helping us through your efforts.

X said...

Micki, I have decided to mothball my old blog (angela messenger) and the new one can be found here:

Anonymous said...

Micki, It is Glorious that you should happen to post a holy card on the Shepherds today. In Our Lady's Medjugorje message today to Mirjana she requested that we pray and fast for our Shepherds (priests).
God Bless,

Marie said...

The Shepherds were considered the 'dregs of society' in their day.

So of course God will go to those on the lowest rung of the social elite. What a lesson for us all:).

Thanks Micki:)

Peace & JOY to you:)


Micki said...

Lynneda - There is no date printed on this card, but most of these laces are late 1800s. We are glad you are back were missed.

John - Yes I was notified by "Angela." I am very pleased to be pointed out...I hope the site will touch a few more people and draw them closer to HIM.

Angela - Yes, your new email with the angels is terrific. The site will, I pray, continue with the way the old one went.

Ed - What a treat to hear this. Isn't it funny how the Holy Spirit must certainly guide us with the things we do. To pray for our "shepherds" is a most worthy goal.

Marie - A great thought to be reminded about. The last shall be first also.

Adrienne said...

The lace cards are my favorites.

Micki said...

Adrienne - Thanks, mine too :-)