Monday, January 28, 2008

St. Thomas Aquinas Feast Day

Patron of Schools. Greatest writing work..."SUMMA THEOLOGICA".

Pray the Lord gives us graces to understand what St. Thomas taught and to imitate what he lived.

Known as the “Angelic Doctor,” he was declared Doctor of the Church by Pope Saint Pius V; and by Pope Leo XIII in 1880 was declared Patron of Catholic Schools. Pope Pius XI declared him Doctor of the Most Holy Eucharist. He is Patron of the Confraternity of the Angelic Warfare.
To read more about St. Thomas Aquinas click here


Lana said...

One of my very favorite saints. I've nominated you for excellence in blogging. Thank you for sharing such inspirational items:~D

Sanctus Belle said...

Great pictures of St. Thomas. I was wondering, do you have a holy card of St. Germaine Cousin? Also sometimes spelled Germana? I've looked everywhere for one and can't find one. I have a daughter who plans to have her as her confirmation saint and I'd love to get a copy if you have one?? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

3 lovely, absorbing cards Micki - and how unusual to see him depicted as both a younger and older man. Many Thanks, Lynneda

a thorn in the pew said...

You have been "awarded"

Anonymous said...

Happy Feast Day!

Anonymous said...

Dear Sanctus Belle,
This may not help you, but I was able to find a few pictures of St. Germaine Cousin on the Internet:

Here is an old black and white picture, probably a holy card.

Here is a small color picture.

Here is an expensive St. GC medal.

Here is an old page from a Belgian auction site that shows an expensive "lace" holy card.

I hope that you find something for your daughter. If you have a printer, you could print from the above sites.

Easter, I am praying for your babies.

Micki said...

Llana - My pleasure for God's glory.

Sanctus Belle - I sent you the email with information about a temporary blog showing several cards. Hope this works for you.

Llyneda - Reminds us of life...young and then old :-(

Thorn - Thank you

Jackie - And also to you.

Unknown said...

I forgot to mention STA on Per Christum yesterday. Then again, as a Greek Catholic I feel one of the 12 Roman contributors should be doing that!

Happy feast day of Pope Saint Hippolytas (Byzantine Calendar!)

Micki said...

SS - Couldn't find any information about Pope Saint Hippolytas. Maybe you should post about him??? Sounds interesting.

M.J. said...

Very nice! I'm very partial to 'paper lace'.