Thursday, January 31, 2008

Feast of St. John Bosco

Patron of Editors.
"Apostle of Youth"

His life's work was consecrated to the care of young boys and girls. He educated both the body and the soul.

To read more about St. John Bosco click here


Anonymous said...

I read the information about St John Bosco, Micki, and learned something new again! Such people are so inspiring - it's no wonder God brings forward the people they need to help them in their works. And the cards put a lovely face to the name. Thank you.
Best Regards, Lynneda.

Anonymous said...

Thankyou for the cards of St. John Bosco--I have loved this saint since I was a child.


Anonymous said...

Micki, Saint John Bosco is one of my favorite saints. When I was in Catholic school the nuns taught us much about him.
The Lord gave him the gift of Prophecy and Visions.

Sanctus Belle said...

One of my sons has St. John Bosco as a patron - ora pro nobis!

Anonymous said...

When we were little kids, we loved St. JB's name because it made us think of chocolate milk. (Is "Bosco" chocolate syrup still available?)

Lynneda, was the link working for you earlier. It didn't work for me just now. Micki, I think that you may have a "3" instead of a "31" in the URL:

PS: Thanks to all for the kind words yesterday. I felt moved while translating those helpful reminders about prayer after Communion.

Micki said...

Lynneda - There are so many different pictures of him but they all look similar in the face so he must have truly looked like that.

D.S. - A great one to love!

Ed - He certainly was a hard worker. Those good nuns certainly left us with many great memories of what they taught regarding our faith. My hometown had a Don Bosco High School....for boys. Of course we used to sing..."we are the Bosco boys, we play with tinkertoys".....lots of bright students there that's for sure.

Sanctus Belle - Your children certainly come up with some wonderful saint names for their Confirmation names.

John - Good detection. Yes, adding the "1" made in work. Thanks. Hope others check it out now.

Anonymous said...

Hi John! Yes, I did have trouble getting in the first 3 or 4 times. Got in the first time just now!
Best Regards, Lynneda

Anonymous said...

Dear M & L,

Pictures of St. John Bosco's face are always similar because he really DID look like that. He lived recently enough to have had photos taken of him. (He died at age 72 in 1888).

I believe that this is a photo, rather than a painting.

Anonymous said...

Oh Wow! He looks exactly like in his cards. Thank you John.

Micki said...

John - Why yes, of course. I can see the little "Kodak" stamp in the corner. (haha..just humor of course.)

Anonymous said...

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