Monday, January 21, 2008

St. Agnes Feast Day

This is a virgin's birthday;
let us follow the example of her chastity.
It is a martyr's birthday;
let us offer sacrifices;
it is the birthday of holy Agnes:
let men be filled with wonder,
little ones with hope,
married women with awe,
and the unmarried with emulation.

From SAINT OF THE DAY, p. 19

To read more about St. Agnes click here


Micki said...

Aren't you glad we humans can change our minds? I changed my mind. I do want to share everyones thoughts with one another and I do feel that everyone can learn and be motivated by other comments also.

There has been information shared about various cards that should be shared with others....I didn't mean to take that away.

I look forward to comments and I just might not have the goal of commenting on your comments on a daily basis. Thanks to those of you who suggested this.

Most importantly, I quickly learned that I MISS YOU.

Anonymous said...

Please, ladies, no more references to "Starbucks." I have never even been inside one of their stores, for two reasons. First, their stuff is horrendously overpriced, so they are cheating gullible people blind. Second, the chain has been linked to political liberals (pro-death people). Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Micki what a nice surprise to see you back with us again. I'm happy to see that you changed your mine.You don't have to answer every comment we send you.
God Bless,

Anonymous said...

I would think that a place like that would be exactly where Jesus would go to try and make a difference.

Micki said...

Anonymous - I agree. I prefer Dunkin Doughnuts coffee myself...

Ed - Yes Ed, thank you. But do you know what? I enjoy it and I didn't know how much. Kinda like you don't miss something until it's gone. I'm blessed to get it back. :-)