Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Mary, Jesus and Saints

O Christ,
O Wisdom, Word, and Power of God! Guard our life,
Guide our steps through the prayers and intercession of the glorious Mother of God,
the ever-virgin Mary,
and of all your saints.

St. John Chrysostom

Bl. Herman Joseph (boy holding apples), St. Stephen of Hungary (King), St. Charles Borromeo (Kneeling Cardinal), St. Dominic (holding lily), St. Anselm (Standing Bishop), St. Nothburga (Sickle over her head).
Thanks To Fr. Carrella for naming the saints in the picture.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

What a fabulous card Micki, and the artistic detail is astounding - I love how the blue material drapes over Our Lady's lap. Just fantastic, thank you.
Best Regards, Lynneda

Anonymous said...

Micki--this card is breathtaking! The prayer with it
is going on the back of the card so I may say it every
Just think--if we are ever trying to stay close to Our Lord and Our Lady--someday we will be there with them and all the saints. If such a holy card brings us such joy, can we imagine when it will be a reality and we will really be there!!! Just a thought!


Anonymous said...

Love it, Micki. Thanks to the priest who identified some saints, most of whom I would not have known.

Possible additions: in the back, on each side, closest to the chair ... maybe St. Elizabeth of Hungary, and maybe St. Benedict.


Anonymous said...

I love his card Micki. Saint Anselm was the Patron saint of my Grandfather.
The prayer meeting that I attend every Thursday evening is at Saint Charles Borromeo Church.
So this card has a lot of meaning to me.

Sanctus Belle said...

This one is especially gorgeous Micki. St. Charles Borromeo is one of my patron saints and I've never seen him depicted in this way. I love it! I'll post this on my lil blog too - thanks!

David H. Lukenbill said...

The Holy Mother, Christ, the Communion of Saints, and the Holy City, joined in one image…what a beautiful representation of our aspirations and prayers.

Thank you Micki!

Marie said...

Yet another beautiful picture and reflection:).

Many, many thanks Micki:)

Peace & JOY to you:)


Micki said...

Anonymous - Yes, we had a great model on that one.

Lynneda - Isn't it amazing what some of these artist can do?

D.S. - Great thought...now I'll have to keep my eye out for holy cards with "us" on them. ;-)

JOhn - Good suggestion....could be.

Ed - Looks like a nice remembrance of your grandfather and your church. Was that your grandfather's name too? Very unusual.

Sanctus Bellel - Thank you. We have a beautiful church here with a gorgous stained glass St. Charles B. depicted.

Dave - Thank you. I had a hard time finding that quote using the words "Mary, Jesus, Saints." I was blessed to have this just pop out for me.

Marie - All for His glory. Thanks.