Thursday, July 16, 2009

Our Lady of Mount Carmel......July 16

O Beautiful Flower of Carmel,
most fruitful vine, splendor of heaven,
holy and singular, who brought forth the Son of God,
still ever remaining a pure virgin,
assist us in our necessity!
O Star of the Sea,
help and protect us!
Show us that you are our Mother!


Anonymous said...

Pray for us O Mother of God.We offer to thee all our petions knowing that You lovingly refer them to the Father.
O Most Holy Advocate be my Mother and watch over me.
We ask You to aid all members of the Carmalite Orders and with St Therese as our friend and You as our Mother what can harm us?

Micki said...

Diddleymaz - Thank you. I join you in this prayer.

Ed Sousa said...

Micki, I have worn the Brown Scapular of Our Lady of Mount Carmel for 41 years now. I wouldn't think for a second of being without it.
Our Lady of Mount Carmel please pray for us.

Sanctus Belle said...

someday I hope at attribute my very salvation to the wearing of Our Lady's Brown scapular. I pray may it never be removed from me.

Anonymous said...

A Happy Feast Day to All of You that have a great love for Our Lady under the title of Mt.Carmel!! This is one of my favorite images of Our Lady. Most of my favorite Saints are Carmelites. The 14th was the feast day of St. Teresa of the Andes, she is a great model for today's youth. If you have the opportunity to read her autobiography you cannot helped being moved by this Saint and her life of total devotion to the poor and her spouse, Jesus!! May Our Lady of Mt. Carmel and the Carmelite Saints continue to intercede for us so that one day we will be able with them to sing Praise and Love of Our God who is Supreme Happiness!!! John K.

Micki said...

Ed, Sanctus Bell and John K. - Thank you for sharing your mention of the wearing of the brown scapular. What a physical proof of your love of our Lady. I pray we would hear more about the wearing of the scapular from our pulpits. I believe there are too many who don't know of this message of love from our Mother.

Does anyone know why the "scapular medal" worn by so many in my youth, no longer is an "update" to the brown scapular? I know the words of Mary were in part something about the scapular hanging in the front and the back.

It is still such a powerful promise.

Anonymous said...


Someone must have given you a bad piece of information about scapular medals, which are valid substitutes for scapulars. You can read about this just past the mid-point of this page.

We have to keep in mind that a scapular or medal itself cannot bring about our salvation. I found this good comment from a priest: "Pope Pius XII said that wearing the scapular should be an outward sign of one’s consecration to the Blessed Virgin Mary, indicating that the one wearing the Scapular has a childlike dependence upon the Blessed Virgin as a model of virtue and as an intercessor, trusting that she will obtain special graces for him to live a virtuous life and especially to avoid mortal sin."

From the above, we can deduce that our wearing of a scapular (or medal) without having any consecration to, and trust in, Our Lady, would be completely ineffectual. To choose to live a life of sin while wearing a scapular and expecting it to "come through" for us magically at the end of life would be an example of sinful superstition.


Micki said...

John - Oh how wonderful to read your comment. You are right, I picked up the wrong information somewhere in my past. It is good to know that the Scapular Medal is still something to be used as the Brown Scapular itself. Thank you for answering my question.