Monday, July 6, 2009

Maria Goretti..........July 6


"Even if she had not been a martyr, she would still have been a saint, so holy was her everyday life."
Cardinal Salotti

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Saint Maria Goretti


Unknown said...

Dear Micki,

I was absolutely sure to find today a holycard about Saint Maria Goretti, and you did not disappointed me! Thank you very much for sharing with us this precious jewel, this little Saint is one of my favourite female martyrs!

Anonymous said...

Pray for us little one,who was so pure and good, help us to love Jesus as we should.
My daughter chose Maria Goretti for her confirmation name :)

Anonymous said...

So beautiful! I have not had a chance to look at these for a while and I sure have enjoyed catching up! Hope you are well sweet sister and as always, you put a smile on my and Our Fathers faces!

Bless you,

Micki said...

Meldelen - She certainly is a model for youth. What a treasure we have.

didleymaz - What a treasure your daughter has for her "confirmed" friend.

Ally - So happy to see you here again. Thank you for leaving a comment and welcome back.

Anonymous said...

I have chosen Maria as my confermation name. I pray I will be able to live like she did. With the grace of our lord I will follow her teachings as best as I can.

purple vampire said...

St Maria Goretti is AWESOME!!!!!!!!

Micki said...

Thanks for leaving a comment. I hope St. Maria Goretti helps you in all your endeavors. She definitely is "awesome".