Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A Gospel to Read...........July 7

"Watch how you live.
Your lives may be the only gospel
your sisters and brothers will ever read."
Dom Helder Camara


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful quote! and the card brings such a nostalgia from when I was a kid!

Diane S.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your website. Today's quote led me on a search of Camara and associated thinkers that resulted in a new pondering of my life mission. Very providential.

Anonymous said...

This is a precious and touching scene of the Blessed Mother and children. During my school aged years I often had difficulty from others teasing me, and I found great solace in thinking in my own mind and imagination scenes such as this one posted today. This card brought back those memories painful as they were at that time, but nonetheless Our Lady and Her Precious Son were there to bring me strength and comfort during this time. Thank you Jesus and My Sweet Mother Mary for loving me and all of your children. Words cannot begin to describe the love and joy I feel and have for the both of you. A Blessed Day to all who visit this site. Hope you are doing well Micki! It is HOT in Texas!! John K.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm just writing to let you know that your website is Exquisite and Beautiful. I collect holy cards and love to send copies to family and friends. I Loves your website and learn so much from it. Thank you SO much for sharing. The holy cards are exquisite treasures. Blessings~JMJ~Lisa S.

aspiring... said...

Micki, Hi ! and greetings in Jesus. I have a note for John K - with your permission?

John, how wonderful it must have been to have such a gift of faith as yours, as a child. That you had holy images and holy thought to feed you and to draw from. And confidence in prayer. And solace available to you. So many children don't. Maybe most children don't. But all suffer those things to some degree, or are afraid they might. So many children, not to mention adults, can't begin to imagine such resources as you had. Probably the children around you back then didn't as well. I am enriched by such a view of a child. God bless you, kindest of sirs. :)

Micki said...

Diane - Yes, I agree, those were gentler times for sure.

Anonymous - That's the blogs name "Inspiration". So glad you were inspired to search.

John K - I'm so sorry you were teased. But it was a blessing from above for you to be comforted by our Lady, your Holy Mother.
I'm sorry for any teasing I might have done as a child where the adult still remembers.

Lisa S. - Welcome to another holy card "collector." How special that you share with others. Maybe sometime you would like to start your own blog....

Aspiring f.o.o.L. - Greeting and Blessing back to you also.
Good words shared with us all via John K's post.

Ginny said...

Aww, Micki, I just keep seeing great images to pluck from your site and put on my blog ... I love this ... thank you!

Anonymous said...

Although I posted something very personal, I am so touched by the messages left by others commenting on my expierence. Words cannot begin to express the gratitude I feel inside. All I can say, "is Thank you and May Our Lord and His Holy Mother shower upon each of you their kindness and love." In retrospect I humbly an aware that my faith as a child was a "special" grace. I don't know why but none the less am most grateful for this extrodinary blessing. John K

Micki said...

Ginny - Thank you for sharing any of these holy cards on your blog. I think of you as being a little missionary and spreading the word. :-0

John K. - People are always moved whenever someone can truly share from their heart and open up to little pieces of information about themselves. I believe all the commenters that leave messages truly do love all fellow commenters. Thank you for your blessing....and also with you.

Anonymous said...

John K.

I am sorry for your pain. What a great testimony to your faith though! Thank you for sharing.
I am in Texas and YES it is hot!
Stay cool and God bless!