Friday, July 3, 2009

Feast of St. Thomas the Apostle.....July 3

St. Thomas doubted the Lord's resurrection.
He was invited by Jesus
to place his fingers into his wounds. Suddenly from incredulity
he passed to ardent faith,
"My Lord and my God!"
He became a great apostolic missionary and died in the 1st century.

(taken from New...St. Joseph Weekday Missal)


aspiring... said...

"My Lord and my God!"

And only such as this can be our own response to each discernment of Him.

As for Thomas in particular, the physical components of his story (a touch to Jesus' wound) correlate by analogy for our benefit, to the mysterious spiritual components of life in faith and hope and charity in spite of anything or any doubt.

Touch Him...

In body or in spirit, the mechanics, in any case, amount to contact with eternal truth; and maybe even to contact with eternity that we ourselves embody pitiful though we may be.

Thomas' story is one of all-encompassing unimaginable ecstatic hope on all fronts.

aspiring... said...

p.s. All one CAN say to such contact if not rendered speechless :) is, "My Lord and my God!..."

Micki said...

aspiring f.o.o.L. - Good to see you here again. We missed you.

Our homily today pointed out that the Bible reading didn't say Thomas did touch Jesus.
Oh Lord, help our we truly believe all the precepts of our faith?