Monday, July 13, 2009

Humility ...................July 13

"Humility is the only thing
that no devil can imitate.
If pride made demons
out of angels,
there is no doubt
that humility
could make angels out of demons."

St. John Climaus


Anonymous said...

This is a very beautiful card and what can I say about the message with it? But Wow!! Very deep. Remembering that nothing is Impossible for God when we trust and believe in His will and good for our lives. May we also give Him our love. I have always found it sad, that so many, myself included ask Jesus for many things, some good; others not. The important things is to love Him who so generously blesses us with so many gifts. May we use the many blessings bestowed upon us for the greater Glory of God and to raise up mankind to know and taste the sweetness of the Lord!! Hope you had a restful weekend Micki! John K.

Micki said...

John K. - Thanks for the reminder that all prayer should start with Praise and Thanksgiving. If only we were more appreciative of all the blessings we do receive without ever asking.

Anonymous said...

The quote and the card were awesome. I found the previous two comments just as uplifting and inspirational. I LOVE this website. Thanks Micki! Stephanie

Anne said...

beautiful picture-beautiful quote!