Thursday, April 3, 2008

Wings to Heaven April 3

A child (representing any of us) is being readied for the way to heaven.
To support her/us in the harsh combat all the way to Him. He has commanded the angels to give to the soul two wings/ribbons.
One is Chastity, which pleases the Lord.
The other is Charity, which wins us His heart.
Blessed are those faithful souls who use these wings to fly to Him.

(Thanks John for your translaltion.)


Anonymous said...

You're welcome, Micki. (Part of the English text that you posted explains what is depicted, and part of it is a translation of several of the French words on the card.)

Yesterday, d.s. reminded us of Pope John Paul II's motto ("Totus tuus" = "all yours"), and you thanked her for that. Did I then correctly understand you to be asking for suggestions for a motto for your blog (and a Latin translation thereof)? If so, I have an idea that I could post here or send you by e-mail. Please let me know.


Micki said...

John - it here. I trust you to be kind. :-)

Anonymous said...

The holy card for today is so full of meaning and our souls are that child (unless you become as little children).


Prayerflowers said...

Dear Sweet Micki
This is so beautiful...I am so glad you have someone to translate the meaning it makes it even more powerful!


Anonymous said...


Do you know the expression, "A picture is worth a thousand words"?

Maybe your blog's motto could be this:
"A holy picture is worth a thousand graces"?

(The Latin would be "Imago sacra mille gratiarum valet.")


Anonymous said...

I forgot to say ...
If it's too "corny" or otherwise does not appeal to you, Micki, just ignore it. I would not be offended!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Micki. I always love seeing your holy cards with pictures of the angels.

David H. Lukenbill said...


I think that "Imago sacra mille gratiarum valet" is a beautiful motto for your blog and so appropriate.

Nice work John.

Take care.


Micki said...

John - Thank you, I love it. I have put the "motto" under the title of the blog. I ran out of space to show it the way I wanted to but this is the best I can do with the space they allow. A great big THANK YOU to John for his suggestion and translation. I can't help but say I wish you ALL a "thousand graces." :-)

D.S. - Yes we are all that little child....trying to wear our wings.

Prayerflowers - I think we all appreciate John so much for all he does. I'm still smiling about his motto for me. I just love it.

Ed - We certainly all praise HIM for the angels HE gives us. I love them too. Thanks.

David - Thank you so much for your approval. I hope everyone loves it as much as the two of us!

Anonymous said...

Thank you, prayerflowers and David, for your very kind words!

Thanks, Micki, for honoring me by accepting my suggested motto. I hope that you (or someone else) will think of a better one to replace it -- something shorter and more "pithy." The more I look at my suggestion, the more I fear that it is too long! Oh, well ...


Micki said...

John - Oh, I don't think it's too long...I love it. I only wish I could showcase it better in the heading. Oh well, I'll look at it whenever I open the blog and think and thank you. :-)

Easter Almuena said...


John, how wonderful and thank you!

I bet little children have 2 wings because they possess both! It is no wonder children fall on hard surfaces and only get a small red mark on their skin. They also seem to just bounce even if it is a hard fall. :-) Amazing! :-)

Thanks Micki, Dearest One, for this beautiful card!

Micki said...

Easter - Your welcome. I thank Him for sending you here. You always make me happy to be sharing.