Friday, April 18, 2008

Silence..........April 18

"Silence exists so that we might speak to God.
And it is in silence that God communicates His graces to us."

St. Vincent de Paul

The world was silenced at His birth.


Anonymous said...

Oh, this is one of my favorite cards! Mother Nealis created this card as a Christmas gift for the sisters in her convent in 1935. It was her vision of the Christ Child coming down from heaven. It is called "Propter Nos," (For Our Sake).

I love the saying you chose to go with it. Perfect!

Anonymous said...

Thankyou, Micki! What a treasure--the holy card and the words!
Thankyou, Kay, for the background!

Diane S.

Nan said...

Micki! This is the sweetest Baby Jesus!

Anonymous said...

great holy card

silence is the language of our God

Micki said...

Kay - Thanks for the extra information. I know others enjoyed learning that. Yes, any
quote on "silence" always motivates me....could it be because I'm not around too much silence? :-)

Diane - You are such a loyal viewer. Hope others enjoy as much as you.

Nan - Always nice to know you are coming for a visit. Sr. Nealis always seems to paint "sweet" I think.

Anonymous - So true. It's hard to "hear" Him unless there is least silence of our hearts.

Easter Almuena said...

That was sweet of you to share that info. Now gazing upon this card has become more meaningful. Thank you. :-)

Oh how I love those words you chose! It is in silence that we are able to speak to God and hear his voice. Although I must say that in the midst of chaos I have heard God's voice silencing me so I may hear better. :-) Once again, in the tabercacle with our Most Sweet Jesus, in silence, with no words, is the most powerful connection we can have with the King of kings and our Best Friend. Oh, such beauty that fills our minds!

Thank you, Micki, our dearest sister!

Easter Almuena said...

Oh by the way, I don't mean to embarass our sweet friend, d.s., but I found out her secret to having 14 children and 40 grandchildren: her visits to Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament! It is there indeed that we are most sustained spiritually, completing our nourishment of the Holy Eucharist!

Love to all!

Micki said...

Easter - You are such a source of joy to us all....I know our dear Jesus is smiling at your beautiful words. Thank you.