Sunday, April 6, 2008

Praying Hands April 6

"Prayer does not change You, Lord,
nor make You do what we want,
or what we think we want.
But it does allow You to change our hearts."

An Hour With Jesus, Volume II


Anonymous said...

Good Afternoon Micki.
What a good thought because we sometimes what to change the Lord to our ways and his ways our not our ways. We tell him what we want or that which we would like to have which is OK, but I think we should end our prayer with, Your will be done Lord, not mine.
God Bless,

Micki said...

Ed - I so agree with that! Isn't that the way Jesus taught us to pray..."Thy will be done".... Easy to see that His will would definitely be better than our will.

Easter Almuena said...

WOW! So simple yet so powerful! An Hour with Jesus? Micki, I will have to find volumes l and ll. I will check to see if the Daughters of St. Paul have them. I am grateful! :-)

Prayer: "does allow You (Jesus) to change our hearts." YES to this! Those who know me now do not believe how broken I once was. Jesus' triumph over death, his grace, and prayers, all in one, have a lot to do with it. :-)

Thanks as ever Micki! Have a joyful and blessed week ahead to you and your visitors! :-)

X said...

I think that would make a wonderful daily prayer! Actually some days it would make a great minute by minute prayer!

jessica said...

I really needed that today. Thank you for posting it.

Micki said...

Easter - It's my favorite little booklet to take to holy hours. I hope you find it.

Angela - I love that idea of a "minute by minute" prayer. Thanks for sharing that thought.

Jessica - I hope all is well. If the prayer helps that makes me happy.