Sunday, April 20, 2008

HIM..........April 20

O holy and immaculate Virgin,
how shall I praise you as I ought?
You have borne in your womb
whom the heavens could not contain.


Anonymous said...

Micki and Everyone!

How I have missed you all. I'm sorry to have been away for so very long, but I'm a professional horsewoman and got called away on contract to break and school some young animals up in Yorkshire. I was in the middle of nowhere without even a telephone, never mind the internet.

But I'm back now and, Micki, have today caught up with all of your beautiful and uplifting postings. Fabulous, as always! Thank you so very much for your wonderful diligence.

I thought about you all every day and hope you are all well and having happy times.

I will go and wash off all the horsehair, hay and straw from myself right away and be back in my darling little routine of looking in daily for inspiration.

Blessings To You All, and much love too!

Lynneda XXX

Anonymous said...

Micki--Thankyou for the lovely holycard. How tenderly the Christ Child and Our Lady look upon the sheep which represents each one of us.

Diane S.

P.S. to Easter--Now I have 41 grandchildren as of the 17th--he "only" weighed 9 lbs. 1 oz.! and you can just believe it that I am spoiling him like crazy!!!!

Anonymous said...

Welcome back, Lynneda! Just yesterday, I was wondering about your absence.

Congrats, Diane! I've never met anywhere who had so many grandchildren before. You are blessings to each other.


Micki said...

Lynneda - Oh what a blessing to know you are home safe and sound. We have all missed you...but I'm sure some horse owners were delighted to have you be there to teach their horses. Does your daughter travel with you? What fun.

Diane - I'm so happy that everyone is learning what a fantastic mother and grandmother you are to your "little" family. I will always think of you as the picture of Jesus saying...."let the children come to me." You must be running out of "lap" ha, ha, ha.

Anonymous said...

How wonderful, and penetrating, Micki, the quote you chose for today. To add to it, I like to think: and we, his body on earth now, are borne of her womb with Him.
"O holy and Immaculate Virgin, HOW shall I praise you as I ought? You have borne in your womb HIM, and we, with and of HIM, whom the heavens could not contain. Oh, HOW?" The answer might be: oh... yes! Yes! As a child would praise you."
Just thinking 'out loud.' Blessings to everyone in Jesus I pray.
FOOL (FriendOfOurLord)

Jenny Oak Fae said...

I am so glad that you didn´t mind that I put one of your beautiful Holy cards on my blog..! I was going to ask for permission first...sorry!

Love, Jenny

Micki said...

Friend Of Our Lord (FOOL), you are more than welcomed to "think out loud" any time you want....we enjoy your shared words. Thank you.

Jema - I'm delighted to share any of the cards....if they bring prayers or thoughts from the viewers then we are all blessed.

swissmiss said...

Thank you for visiting my blog and your kind comments. I wanted to get back to you sooner, but was away for the weekend at my husband's grandmother's funeral. I have been so busy lately that I haven't been to Angela Messenger's blog in some time, but I have seen your comments over at Our Lady's Tears. You have a beautiful blog.