Friday, April 4, 2008

Queen of the Patriarchs April 4

"The fidelity and the other virtues of Mary
surpass those of the Patriarchs,
whose queen she is."

There are six patriarchs shown and Moses is the only
one with a positive identity. The others might be Abraham, Isaac, Jacob (Israel) and maybe Adam and Noah?????

Thanks to John for translation to English

Patriarchs - "Fathers" who exercised authority over an extended family.


Easter Almuena said...
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Easter Almuena said...

John, how interesting! Thank you!Now you got me thinking. I believe the first one on the left is Jacob. He is carrying something that resembles writings, so I think you are right in saying "Jacob". The one next to him must be Joseph as distinguished by his head gear. The third one is a puzzle. He seems to be in hiding (why?). Adam he must be. The fourth one, the one sitting down looks like Abraham, and the fifth is a mystery to me, but yes, that might be Noah.

I love this! Thank you Micki for sharing this card with us!

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed reading your detective work, Easter A.!

Micki said...

Easter - I think you are right and it is interesting to see these great patriarchs shown with Mary. You gave great reasons why they might be who you said. It's the only holy card I have with all of them pictured in this scene with Mary.

John - What happened to your comment?

Nan said...

Micki! This card is beautiful! I love the old lace cards.

I try to remember your site every day but appear to have missed a few.

Micki said...

Nan - Thank you for your sweet words. I also love your Icon Avatar (little picture next to your name.)

Nan said...

Thank you, Micki!

It's St. Michael the Archangel; my first icon. Looks best at this size!