Friday, April 25, 2008

St. Mark Feast Day..........April 25

St. Mark
Patron of Venice, Italy
Patron of Notaries

St. Mark is represented with a lion lying at his feet, because the lion, one of the four symbolical animals in the vision of Ezechiel makes the desert re-echo with its roaring.

God our Father, You helped St. Mark the Evangelist with Your grace so that he could preach the Good News of Christ. Help us to know You well so that we may faithfully live our lives as followers of Christ.


Anonymous said...

I love St Mark, Micki: his life story in so inspiring. And this card - wow! I do hope everyone enlarges it just to marvel at the detail. Thank You.
Best Regards, Lynneda

Easter Almuena said...

Hello dearest Lynneda! Read my comment on the combax just before this one. Thanks, dearest Micki, for your kindness in allowing us to leave messages for our dear brothers and sisters who come to visit here.

I enlarged this picture. Thanks to Lynneda's advice. :-) I had to giggle over the way St. Mark sits because his right foot hangs and it reminds me of my little one who is 6 years of age. It shows too that those who are called by God and are able to effectively preach the Gospel have this quality of childlikeness in them. I just love that! And the lion, it's face has a worrisome look somehow. I wonder if he is saying, "Better listen to the Gospel of St. Mark." Oh, that that is cute and funny!

Micki, dearest one, thank you as ever! Love you! :-)

Easter Almuena said...

"P.S. to Easter--Now I have 41 grandchildren as of the 17th--he "only" weighed 9 lbs. 1 oz.! and you can just believe it that I am spoiling him like crazy!!!!"

Excuse me again, dear Micki... Oh Diane S., what a joy, joy, joy! I am ever so proud of you! Love you! :-)

Micki said...

Lynneda - Thank you for giving the suggestion to enlarge this card. I always hope everyone enlarges each daily card...I'm amazed at what some of you find that I do not see. You all teach me to open my eyes more :-)

Easter - You alays make me smile to see what you see. Leave it to you to find St. Mark's hanging a child. Too funny.
You also have a cute Disney-like explanation for the what the lion is saying :-)

I'm having a happy morning...thanks.