Saturday, April 5, 2008

Silent Birds April 5

(This holy card is a folded folder type card. In the open position you see the front and the back....thus you also see a "fold line" down the middle.)

"Use the talents you possess,
for the woods would be very silent
if no birds sang
except the best."


Futuristics said...

NICE Blog :)

Anonymous said...

Dear Micki--I love this holy card especially since I have some birds--I love their sweet song in the winter time as it brings the sound of spring into a drab, dreary day. This holy card is so like Jesus and the special birds He gives us--they lift our hearts --won't it be wonderful when we are in the eternal springtime with Jesus forever!


John--I love the motto--a picture is worth a thousand the case of holy cards--when my heart is too heavy and my mind too tired to read prayers or even think! I gaze at some holycards and immediately my mind and soul are wrapped up in Jesus and His holy Mother Mary.

catholicandgop said...

Beautiful as always.

Anonymous said...

Thanks very much, d.s.!

It's hard to read, but this card has the French words, "Noel des Oiseaux." This means, "Christmas of the Birds."

[You'll have to excuse me, but as I was typing those words, the devil made me think of Ebeneezer Scrooge, who would have said, "Christmas is for the birds. Humbug!"]

Have a happy Sunday.

Anonymous said...

PS: With which bird do you associate Christmas? I thought of the "dove" (the symbol of peace, at the birth of the Prince of Peace), and I thought of the lowly sparrow (which seemed in keeping with the rude stable in which Jesus was born).


Micki said...

Futuristics - Thank You...Yours too.

D.S. - Oh D. I so hope so! I am a bird fan with feeders all over the yard. We have many beautiful birds and yes, their chirping is music to my ears.

Catholicandgop - Thank you. Good to see you hear again.

John - You are just too funny. I absolutely love the thought in your head about Ebeneezer.

Great question about which bird for Christmas. Maybe the "Bluebird of Happiness??"

Easter Almuena said...

"eternal springtime with Jesus forever!"

Micki, those words of d.s. sure gave me a smile.:-)

"'Ebeneezer Scrooge, who would have said, "Christmas is for the birds. Humbug!'"

Micki, Ha ha ha... oh how that made me laugh! John, thanks for the laugh! (p.s. I don't think it was a bad thought at all. I think it is cute and funny! :-) )

Thanks, Micki, for sharing this beautiful card! I have to let Cy and CT see it for they both love birds. We have 1 beautiful cockatiel and 4 lovebirds. :-)

Anonymous said...

Simply beautiful!

wendybirde said...

Oh this is SO special!

And is that the bluebird of happiness coming close to Our Lord's heart? I just love this!

Peaceful Night : ) Wendy

Micki said...

Easter - And I bet the music of birds fills your home with 5 birds. We have many trees etc. around our home so I have to go outside to enjoy their songs...just lovly though.

Anonymous - So glad you enjoy...

Wendy - Yes, I too think it's the bluebird of happiness. Makes me happy, I'm sure baby Jesus enjoys their music too. Like DS suggested, maybe the truth is.."we are the birds" and we make Him happy? I hope so.