Wednesday, April 23, 2008

River of Suffering..........April 23

And I saw the River
over which every soul must pass
to reach the Kingdom of Heaven,
and the name of the River was SUFFERING...
and I saw the Boat which carries souls across the River,
and the name of that Boat was...LOVE."

St. John of the Cross


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful regal card, Micki, with its rich and royal colouring! So much to catch the attention.

And the lovely quote from St John Of The Cross, who surely knows the Love of God. Thank You.

Best Regards, Lynneda

irene said...

Beautiful card -- St. Sulpice again.

The quote from St. John of the Cross -- perfect.

Trina said...

All of these are so beautiful... I think I will come over often just to be inspired!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Micki,
Fr. Randall always tells us to stay on the Lord's ship and no matter what happens or how bad things may seem, to not jump off.

Nan said...

Another beautiful card!

Micki said...

Lynneda - Isn't St. John of the Cross special? He always has such great words of wisdom.

Irene - I have to wonder how you became attracted to St. Sulpice cards?

Trina - Oh yes, come back again and again. It's a blessing when something inspires us.

Ed - It might be difficult to stay on at times but it certainly is the way to go.

Nan- Thank you. Praise Him!