Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Mary's Sorrows April 1

Human beings will never comprehend
sufficiently the anguish and immensity of
Mary's sorrows.
Very few Christians partake of those
sufferings and even fewer offer any
consolation to her.

St. Bridget


Anonymous said...

Such a touchingly beautiful holycard!!


Catholic Audio said...

So beautiful I had to steal it for my headlogo...

Thanks for what you do!

God Bless,

Anonymous said...


I believe that the German words mean the following (which sort of rhymed for me by accident) ...

"Virgin Mother of God and mine,
Let me be completely thine,
Thine in joy, thine in grief,
Thine for time and eternity!"


Micki said...

D.S. - Probably because the subjects are just too beautiful!

Catholic Audio - Looks good too.
Thank you.

John - I might have to use that sometime with another card. Really beautiful words. Thanks for your translations.

wendybirde said...

Hi Micki,

Yes, this was lovely. And i love your patron saint on the sidebar...

Peaceful Week : ) Wendy

Prayerflowers said...

Hugs Micky,
I love this of our precious mother hold baby Jesus the crowns around their heads look like rosary beads.

I am late writing...I missed a few days...but I prayed on this picture. I thank God for your ministry your cards give me so much inspiration and help me to put the feelings in my heart into words...
God bless you sweet friend,
Love(sending Violet to give you a big hug)

Micki said...

Wendy - So nice to "see" you hear again. Thank you for finding my sweet St. Isidore. I am lucky to have him for my yearly Saint. My father was a "gentlemen's farmer." St. I. reminds me of him.

Prayerflower - I had to smile when you mentioned about the halo looking like rosary beads. I thought the very same thing. Two minds thinking alike! Your words touch so many. You are always in our prayers too.

Anonymous said...

So sweet.


Micki said...

Gina - Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment...

Anonymous said...

these prayers can be a great relief in this difficult time thankful Micki