Monday, April 21, 2008

Cross and Book..........April 21

The crucifix is an open book
that all can read.
The crucifix is an infinite
declaration of love.

St. Catherine of Siena

Lord, inspire me to read the Crucifix often.


Anonymous said...

My confirmation saint...glad to get your daily inspiration after a vacation..

Micki said...

Welcome back Jackie. You have a wonderful patron saint.

Anonymous said...

To Mrs. Jackie Parkes MJ, We are kindred spirits. St. Catherine is 'mine,' too! May God bless you, and me, and all of her charges... and all who promote her as well.
To Micki, The holy card and quote are so well-matched. Thanks once again.

Micki said...

Anonymous - Thank you. It's challenging sometimes to try to find the right quote to match a card....sometimes God just puts the right quote in front of my eyes. :-))

Anonymous said...

Late again, Micki, but as they say Better Late Than Never! Just so much to catch up on, but it's all coming together.

And what a wonderful card to see when I call by. I so love these cards, Micki, they are more uplifting than you probably know already.

In brief answer to your question - I don't take my little girl when I go off on a longer term contract with horses as it would be disruptive to her schooling. My darling sister comes in to do "Mummy Duties" - she has no children, and Claudine can wrap her around her little finger. So all are happy. In fact, faces drop when I return!!!

Luckily for Family Stability, I don't often take longer contracts out of daily travelling distance - but sometimes the animals are of such quality, I can't resist.

Much Love To Everyone, Lynneda

Marie said...

How very true. Love the quote and the pic.

Thankyou Micki:)

Peace & love to you:)

Marie xoxoox

Micki said...

Lynneda - I'm sure it is difficult getting back in your routine when you've been away. You made me laugh out loud when you mentioned that their faces "drop" when you return...for only a second I'm sure. It's always good to have "mom" back home I'm sure. You are blessed to have such a helping sister.
I live next to the state of Kentucky...maybe someday you will be called out there to work with all the horses there. Or maybe you will be called to help out at the "Kentucky Derby."

Marie - Thank you for your encouraging comments..just trying to share Him through art.

Anonymous said...

I like this picture and wonder how I can get this picture from a store? May God bless you!

Micki said...

Anonymous - Thank you for stopping by. I wish I could help but I really don't know where this card might be available. I've collected cards for the last ten years or so....I don't remember how I got this one, it's part of a series, that's all I can say. Sorry.