Wednesday, March 18, 2009

*Mary with Crown of Thorns.,,,,,..March 18

We are united to Him,
we are one,
and it is when His Passion becomes real to us,
through experience and love,
that we grow aware of His presence in us.

Caryll Houselander


aspiring f.o.o.L. said...

Micki, hi, You have inspired my post today, for which I thank you. Especially since I wasn't planning on posting today at all. God bless you. I just love this holy card, the content as well as the style of it. Who is the artist of the image, do you know?

Micki said...

Aspiring f.o.o.L - I'm always happy to accept a "blessing" through the blog. Thank you and as they say in church "and also with you."
I don't know anything more about the card than what is written on the front. Sorry about that.

aspiring f.o.o.L. said...

The style of art of this one reminds me of another holy card you posted of the Eucharist symbolised by a pelican with a yellow back ground, too - that I also loved at first sight. No clue what the post date is. I was wondering if one artist did both. Thanks just the same, Micki. Have a good day.

Micki said...

Aspiring fooL - You have such a good eye and memory. I think I know which card you are talking about. It's too bad they don't put more information on the cards. Today's artists would want credit so their names would be visible I'm sure.

Ruth Ann said...

I have a particular devotion to Our Lady as Sorrowful Mother---Mater Dolorosa---because that feast day is also my birthday. You have images that I have never seen before. Thank you for these and all the holy cards you post.

Micki said...

Ruth Ann - Thank you for being a first time commenter here. It is so nice to "meet" those who stop by to see the holy cards and read the quotes.
Your devotion to Our Sorrowful Mother is very special. I'm sure she blesses you especially. Thank you for sharing your love.