Saturday, March 14, 2009

*Ecce Homo..........March 14

"The purpose of Lent
is not to escape the conscience,
but to create a healthy hatred for evil,
a heartfelt contrition for sin,
and a passionately felt need for grace.

This continuous movement of faith from a
sense of sin to grace and forgiveness
ends only when the spirit is ultimately released."

Edna Hong


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful card and text. It is so true, will only be Free when we leave this world and enter the next. Hopefully in Heaven and then will we realize all the sacrifice and suffering in this world is worth it when united with the sufferings of Jesus. I hope everyone is having a fruitful and holy Lenten Season. It is such an important part of the Spiritual Life so that we can become more like Jesus. Sadly, I have met many people who do not use this time to their advantage, and only do the "least" they can in observing Lent and its practises and disciplines that are meant to purify us! I hope you are doing well Micki! John K.

aspiring f.o.o.L. said...


"..purify us...".

"Thanks!" John K. I've been studying the etymology and derivations and meanings and uses of 'pure' and I'm delighted to see mention of the word here and for the connection in spirit. :)

Good morning and a blessed Sunday to you, dear Micki.

Micki said...

Thank you both for inspiring me.
You both have the gift of words. I'm blessed to be able to hear them frequently...please keep it up. Hugs...