Thursday, March 5, 2009

*Healing Wounds..........March 5

Believers know that the presence of evil
is always accompanied by the presence of good,
by grace...
Where evil grows,
there the hope for good also grows...
In the love that pours forth
from the heart of Christ,
we find hope for the future of the world.
Christ has redeemed the world:
"By His wounds we are healed."

(Isaiah 53:5)


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful quote from scripture....a great comfort in this time that we find ourselves in that is so full of fear and the unknown. Thankyou for the beautiful holycard of Jesus!

Diane S.

Prayerflowers said...

Sweet Micki,
I love this picture and the quote from Isiah...powerful and uplifting. Thank you precious.

Micki said...

Diane S. - Aren't we lucky to be comforted in His words? You always bring to our attention such simple words. Please continue, we are listening.

Prayerflowers - "Powerful and uplifting"........we are so loved by his words. Prayers flying down "south". Hugs.