Wednesday, March 25, 2009

*Annunciation...........March 25

"Eve believed the devil
and the world perished!

Mary put her faith in the Angel of God
and the world was saved!"

St. Lawrence of Brindisi


Marilena said...

good post, and very true. it was the sin of Adam that the world perished. it was actually because of his sin that it perished. had he not listened to his wife, it would not be as it is today.

Prayerflowers said...

Beautiful picture and quote...God bless you Sweet Micki...
My prayer is Hope & Trust with Our Holy Mother praying for us...we will be covered in her heavenly mantle of grace...Amen
Love & Hugs,

Micki said...

Marilena - So true.

Prayerflowers - I am always moved to consider the "mantle" of Mary. Covering us with grace is a beautiful visual. Thank you.