Sunday, March 1, 2009

*Child Jesus with Cross..........March 1

"Ingratitude is the enemy of our immortal souls. Ingratitude empties our souls of merit, scatters their virtues, and deprives them of graces."

St. Bernard

Thank you Jesus for what you did and what you do for me.


Meldelen said...

I also have this holycard! But in that one there are this words:

"My Jesus, forgiveness and miserycordy, help me to carry my Cross".

The original is in Spanish, obviously.

Anonymous said...

Thankyou, Micki, for such a treasure of a holy card!

Diane S.

Anonymous said...

I have always found this image of the Christ Child resting against the tool that would utlimately bring about His death very touching. Dear Jesus I ask that you bestow upon me the necessary Graces and Strength to carry my crosses without complaint. When I begin to feel the burden of its weight, come to my aid and support me with your arms of LOVE! Thank you for EVERYTHING you continually bless me with. May I NEVER take anything for granted but in all things sing of your Love and Praise you along with the Angels and Saints in Heaven! A peacefilled Sunday to you Micki and all of your visitors! John K.

Prayerflowers said...

Precious Micki..
I love little Jesus on the Cross, beautiful card...God bless you.
Sweet Jesus we love you so us to share your precious love...Amen
Love & hugs Micki,

aspiring f.o.o.L. said...

Micki, hi, you may or may not remember from a long-ago comment of mine, but gratitude is a big idea for me. I can't seem to quit writing about it. So this post of course has great meaning and value and delight for me. Anyway, in case you'd like to know, my current post is mainly about the dynamics of, you guessed it, gratitude - in concert and discussion with much else about our faith life. Actually, I hope you will look it over for me. Thanks, in any event, for everything. Beware, though. Printed, it's near five pages.

Micki said...

Meldelen - Great to find another holy card saver. Interesting that yours has words. Thanks for sharing.

Diane S. - Warmies my heart to see you hear Diane. Hope all is improving healthwise in your family. Prayers for all.

John K. - Yes, I agree that it is our joy to know we can trust on His support.
Thank you, I did have a restful weekend. Good week to you my friend.

Prayerflowers - You always have the right words to share with His love. Thank you. () is that the computer sign for hugs?

Aspiring f.o.o.L - I'm running late but I will be over to visit asap. I always loved the quote first heard from Oprah..."develop an attitude of gratitude." Big smiles coming to you. Thanks.