Monday, March 9, 2009

*Christ's Blood..........March 9

"God chose the sign of blood
because no other sign suggests
a person's total involvement so eloquently."

Pope John Paul II


Anonymous said...

Beautifully painted. The thorns for the "crown" are nearby.
"Jezu, ufam tobie."

Prayerflowers said...

Dear Micki,
This is so beautiful and so powerful. Thank you precious.

Anonymous said...

A beautiful, meditative picture. The Agony in the Garden has such deep meanings for me... this picture really hit it.

This has become one of my favorite sites! Thank you for putting a little beauty into people's day.

Anonymous said...

I am a newly returning Catholic and this site is the greatest....Reminding me of so many ways to pray and grow closer to Our Lord.....I am also a Cancer survivor with a possible return so these prayers truly mean the world to me...God Bless you for all the efforts in creating such a peaceful loving place to renew ones faith.....Blessings!!!!!

Micki said...

John - I pray our Lenten "thorns" are an acceptgable sacrifice for Him.

Prayerflowers - Looks like you have another new "avatar." May God heal you dear friend.

Sara - Thank you for dropping by the "comments" section. Your words encourage me and I am glad He is using this site to bring meaning to you.

Anonymous - We all would welcome you back personally if we could. Just know that it brings smiles and prayers of thanks to have you back in the "fold." Our prayers go out for continued success in surviving cancer. Praise God!

Bella Vita said...

Dear Micki,

What a beautiful and compelling image of our Lord in His suffering . . . I realize how weak I am in my Lenten journey.

I am so happy for your web-site and what it has done and continues to do for Catholics, and non-Catholics considering conversion. You are truly doing the Lord's work! May blessings continue to flow to you!

Thank you,


Micki said...

Roz - You are so nice to pass along such kind words. I join you in praying for a better walk for myself during my Lenten journey. I'll pray for the both of us to do better.