Friday, March 27, 2009

*Dwell in His Heart..........March 27

"Oh, how good and pleasant a thing it is
to dwell in the Heart of Jesus!
Who is there that does not love
a heart so wounded?
Who can refuse a return of love
to a heart so loving!

St. Bernard of Clairvaux


Anonymous said...

Micki--what a holy card! Such a treasure! The woman with the white hair is Luisa Piccaretta...she had many locutions about the Divine Will and also deep devotion to the Blessed Mother and the Passion of Jesus.
Here is a sample from a prayerbook of her prayers which concentrates on the Hours of the Passion---

'My crucified dying Jesus, embracing the cross, I feel the fire that burns all your most holy Person. Your heart pounds so violently that it raises up your ribs and torments you in such an agonizing and horrible manner that all your most holy humanity undergoes a transformation that renders you unrecognizable. The love with which your heart is ablaze parches and burns you. Unable to contain it, you feel the torment keenly, not only of the bodily thrist of the shedding of all your blood, but, much more, that of the burning thirst of the health of our souls. You would like to drink us as water to put us all into safety within you. Therefore, gathering up your faded strength ,you cry: "I Thirst!"

Diane S.

Anonymous said...

WOW!!!!!!!! Thank you, Micki and Diane S.

The Card moved me to tears, oh then the prayer!
My brain can barely process the love that He has for us!
Happy and Blessed Weekend,

Modern Catholic Mom said...

This really made me think.... We are asked always to 'let God into our heart'.. but this is asking us to do something so different. So beautiful. I will def. be trying to meditate about dwelling in 'His' heart.... Thanks for this. -Tara

Anonymous said...

Oh, Micki, my heart just pounds viewing this beautiful card and verse and information about the white haired lady. "Thank You" on and all for all your loving comments. ~Freda~

Micki said...

Diane - I can't believe the present you gave me Diane. I truly wondered who that woman was. You were the angel to share her name and information about her. Then to top it off you add the beautiful prayer from her. A big spiritual bouquet of flowers sent to you from us all.

Ally - Isn't it great how we can all be so inspired by each other?
So glad you had a "brain" experience today :-)

Tara - Thank you for sharing how you will meditate on dwelling in "His" heart. I'm sure there's enough room for all os us to join together in that preciaous heart of His.

Freda - And thank you to you for letting us know that you are joining in the beautiful heartfelt words offered her today by one and all. Praise God!