Wednesday, March 4, 2009

*I Am Love................March 4

I Am Merciful Love

Look at Me,
See how ardently I love Thee;
See what my love for Thee has cost Me.
Unite thyself to Me,
Offer Me,
Invite Me,
Love Me


J Stolle said...

Yes, Jesus Christ is pure love. He loves us unconditionally, no matter how bad we can be, we have the confessional to make it right with HIM again. Lent is a beautiful time to get it right, all we have to do is place our eyes on the Cross.

Anonymous said...

The text with today's card is very beautiful and touching. I am not fond of this particular artist work, but the message is "ever new." When I look at the crucifix I see nothing but LOVE! Thank you Jesus for laying your life down for me a most unworthy sinner. Teach me during this Holy Season of Lent to deny my own desires and to give You EVERYTHING!!! Hope you are doing well Micki! John K.

Micki said...

J Stolle - I love how simple you make it...and it is so truthful. Just keep our eyes on the cross, yes, so true.

John K. - I'm so blessed to have so many people who can add such beautiful words to the holy cards. I can only copy other's words but so many "commenters" say what I can only feel in my heart. Thank you each and every one.