Friday, July 25, 2008

Walk With God..........July 25

I'll walk with God from this day on.
His helping hand I'll lean upon.
This is my prayer, my humble plea,
May the Lord be ever with me.

There is no death, tho' eyes grow dim.
There is no fear when I'm near to Him.
I'll lean on Him forever
And He'll forsake me never.

He will not fail me
As long as my faith is strong,
Whatever road I may walk along.

Words by Paul Francis Webster


Prayerflowers said...

Dear Sweet Micki,
I love this picture and the poem. I am sure I am not alone...but I can't tell you how many times I prayed to be walking with Him literally and talking with Him...this picture gives me a new landscape to dream with...God bless you for all your work you do here to bring us a piece of heaven everyday.
Love you,

Micki said...

Prayerflowers - Isn't it great that in our spiritual walk we are walking with him. We are never alone. I think I'll meet you at the crossroad and walk with you and Him. Wouldn't we have a great conversation?