Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Jesus Fishing..........July 1, 2008

Fisher of Men

"...............the call which Peter and his brother Andrew heard from Jesus continues to resound in the world: 'Put out into the deep and lower your nets for a catch.' And after the miracle of a huge catch of fish, the Lord revealed to Peter that he would become 'a fisher of men'
(Lk 5:4 and 10)."--- .....From "Doctrinal Note on Some Aspects of Evangelization" -- Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith -- December 3, 2007

Translation of
Latin at bottom of card
With a lifegiving sweetness,
You draw in those who are saved,
the innocent fish from the hostile waves of a wicked sea


Anonymous said...

"Piscator Hominum," at the top, means, "Fisher of Men."

David H. Lukenbill said...

Beautiful, wonderful card, and for those of us who work to help those suffering souls who struggle with discovering a way to live a healthy, productive, and devout life, one of the best things we can do for them is teach them how to fish, as Peter was taught, by sharing the Gospel, in the way Paul later did with the Gentiles, by becoming all things to all men.

Soutenus said...

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Anonymous said...

Amen, Micki. Nice work as always, and thank you, too.

And Amen, David. I appreciate your focus and comments because it fed mine.

Two key thoughts to me are:
The call heard was FROM JESUS. Amen to that! And the call CONTINUES. Hoo boy, how well we know that!

Maybe the most important thought though - for those who are established in the faith already - is this one: PUT OUT INTO THE DEEP.
For me that means look for and reach for and be there for those who are down deep - very lost, that is. Jesus, Himself, was commissioned very much likewise.

In my case it usually turns out that I needed the reciprocal grace of attention or help that I offered - as much as the one I helped needed my help! The grace usually takes the form of insight, which I value.

I'm thinking that going deep isn't about fishing by way of teaching or proclaiming the way. Perhaps it's first and foremost about BEING who I am - a Christian - and then about demonstrating the way in my own conduct and affairs, and pitching in where there are practical needs.

In Jesus, AspiringFOOL(FriendOfOurLord)

Sanctus Belle said...

Very unique, I don't think I've seen Jesus portrayed as a Roman before.

Micki said...

David - Great words. And isn't that what Jesus commanded when he told us to go out and preach? Fortunately that can be done by example and not just words.

Soutenus - What a great idea. I look forward to checking this out.

FOOL - How interesting to think of those who are "lost" as being "down deep"....Yes, we are all "fishermen" aren't we?

SB - What a great observance...I never thought of that. How true to wonder why He was interpreted that way....artists' choice for sure. :-)