Saturday, July 19, 2008

Our Example..........July 19

"Words call us but examples draw us."

Author Unknown

What an example we have in Jesus!

In Latin, at the top:"In the Cross, salvation"
In German, at the bottom:"My pain is ever before my face."


Anonymous said...


In Latin, at the top:
"In the Cross, salvation"
In German, at the bottom:
"My pain is ever before my face."

The calligrapher erred in stating that the bottom words are from "Psalm 3:18" (a verse number that does not exist). The words are actually from Psalm 38:17, which reads (in the RSV translation), "For I am ready to fall, and my pain is ever with me."


Anonymous said...

How the lamb so easily and casually has the serpent captive as he (the lamb) considers and communicates with, our Lord. Such is the power of the Lamb, the power of atonement.

It's interesting, too, that our Lord looks very young and that He is on the Cross without the force of 'human beasts' and nails. Such is the willingness of our Lord.

May we be likewise powerful and willing, Lord Jesus. Amen.

Much about this image does speak of example, Micki. Such a good match between image and meditation.

In love and prayer, AspiringFOOL(FriendOfOurLord)

Anonymous said...

About my July 17th comment 'I miss you' I only meant you hadn't been commenting every day and I missed that. I missed YOU. The holy card for today is a treasure. Thank you Micki.

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I agree with your comments.

Micki said...

John - Surprised to see words in two languages. Interesting!

AF - How fascinating to notice no nails. I love your insite and how you presented it to all of us. Thank you.

Anonymous - Thank you for missing me. I know what you mean because I too "miss" all of you when too much time goes by without a comment. Thank you all for being so faithful.

HKCP - hope you are reading the comments and are truly interested and not just promoting your business. If so, I have a message for you....St. Peter still has his keys :-)