Thursday, July 3, 2008

Feast of St. Thomas Apostle..........July 3

Unfortunately always thought of as "Doubting Thomas."
Yet because of that doubt he proclaimed words that
we use today to give our utmost praise to God.

"My Lord and My God"

Thank you St. Thomas for those words of love and praise.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your fine "meditation," Micki, and for the beautiful painting. I do not know the name of the artist.

Does the painting depict two events? I think so. In the foreground, we see the interaction of Jesus and St. Thomas, several days after Easter. In the background (upper right), I think that we see the events of Pentecost. It appears that St. John is holding a book, to help Our Lady lead the Apostles in prayer. I think that I see tongues of fire over their heads. Does anyone agree, or can anyone correct me?


Anonymous said...

I join John in gratitude to you Micki for offering this meditation and most evocative art.

My first reaction is that Jesus corresponds with insight and patience and mercy to each person as he (each person) is. Thomas is an example. Thomas didn't mince his words. He presented himself as he was, and his reality as it was. He happened to be a doubter. Jesus met him 'there,' acknowledging and addressing his flaws, and overcame them. Thomas' spirit of doubt - of the mind as it is - was a powerful enemy, too.

My second reaction is delight at seeing what John saw going on in the image!


Micki said...

John, ever the open eyes. I don't think I even paid attention to that little background scene. I just saw Thomas who was like so many of us....needing proof. We are grateful that because of him, we, the believers, received a blessing from Jesus for simply believing.

FOOL - I love your simplicity in saying "Thomas didn't mince his words." It did take courage for him to say what he felt at the time in front of the believers. Many lessons involved in those moments.