Saturday, July 26, 2008

Holy Family..........July 26

"Father, help us to live
as the Holy Family,
united in respect and love.
Bring us to the joy and peace
of Your eternal home."

Rev. Walter Van de Putte, C.S.SP


Anonymous said...

..."Thank You"...Micki for being so dedicated in sharing your beautiful holy inspirations with so many others! I could never express my sincere appreciation. I have learned so much from your blog in such a short time since finding you. Your blog makes me smile and my heart sing!~Freda~

StBlog said...

This is such an exquisite card! I've used it in my post for the day - couldn't resist its beauty. I second Freda's "Thank you" - the anticipation of finding what you'll post on any day is so much fun! +JMJ+ John

Andrea said...

Oh, I love this one!

Micki said...

Freda - How nice to see you here again. You and others like you are the reason to keep the blog going. Thank you for your appreciation.

John - How wonderful to share with your blog. You too always make me so humbled to be doing this. Thank YOU!

Andrea - Thank you for such sweet appreciation.