Monday, July 21, 2008

Ask for Graces..........July 21

"Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament
has His hands full of graces,
and He is ready to
bestow them on anyone
who ask for them."

St. Peter of Alcantara


Anonymous said...

Hi, Micki.
The French words (top and bottom) are too small and "fuzzy" for me to read. If you could transcribe and e-mail them to me, I could try to translate them. If not, no problem.

Ellie Finlay said...

What a stunningly beautiful blog! I just love it. I stumbled upon it looking for an image to go with today's posting on one of my blogs called Does Not Wisdom Call? and I'm so glad I did. I've already sent the link to my brother and his wife and I promise you I will come back often.

Every blessing,

Adrienne said...

Yes; I, too just 'stumbled' upon your site - it is beautiful! I would love to use a few for a few personal greeting cards for family. I don't think I can use them on my blog, if I am not the owner of the card. My header has a picture of Christ from my collection. I will be posting some of mine, too from time to time. Yours are so inspiring. thank you! Adrienne

Ellie Finlay said...

Don't worry, Adrienne. I will not use one of Micki's cards without her permission!

And, anyway, my blog is non-commercial and educational in nature. I don't even have advertizing on it. The "fair use" provision of copyright applies.

jessica said...

vHi! I've been out of touch lately but I'm back to enjoying your blog as I once did! Thank you so much for sharing your holy cards with us, also for the excellent verses/quotes you put along side of them. It is such a blessing to me and I'm looking forward to looking back over the few weeks that I missed.


Micki said...

John - It's a very old and a bit fuzzy we will just have to pass on this translation.

Ellie - I've enjoyed both your blogs. Your "Wisdom" is filled with much good is that!

Adrienne - Welcome to you and Ellie. I'm so glad nothing was broken as you both "stumbled" onto the blog. Always happy to welcome new friends.

Jessica - I am happy to welcome you back also. You are to be congrtulated for your success in financial management. :-)

Athanasius contra mundum said...

As best as I can read the top, it translates as "The soul saw love"

Micki said...

ACM - Sorry to be so late to thank you for your help in figuring out what those blurry letters stood for. You have fantastic eyes.
Thank you.