Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Hearts of Jesus and Mary..........July 23

"By blood I am Albanian.
My citizenship is Indian.
I am a Catholic nun.
As to my calling,
I belong to the world.
As to my heart,
I belong entirely to the heart of Jesus."

Mother Teresa of Calcutta

French translationn:
"Persecutions fortify our souls and merit us Heaven"
Thanks S.B.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for visiting my blogs with such kind words to say!

I may post my wedding dress someday - but I did not make that. My folks did not want me to because I was making all of the bridal party already.

Thank you - you are funny! But, alas; spill I did. Pshaw.

I am addicted to holy cards and especially prayer cards for the poor souls.

God Bless you!

Micki said...

Adrienne - Please check out Sanctus Belle at Our Lady's Tears...
She does wonderful posts on the souls in Purgatory.

Anonymous said...

What a breathtaking holy card--a real treasure. Thankyou for your generosity in sharing your beautiful cards with us!
The quote from Mother Teresa is also a treasure!

Diane S.

Easter A. said...

Hello dear Micki,

It is so good to be "home" right here, dear Micki. I feel at peace and I feel the joy of connecting with you and our dear brothers and sisters. I see Diane here... how wonderful! I will be back to read John's interpretation. :-)

What a beautiful and unique card that is! The hearts of Jesus and Mary penetrate its powerful love to the poor soul, showing its salvific significance. God be praised!

I love the words of Mother Calcutta, and today, those words give me comfort and joy.

Thank you, dear Micki. Much love to you and everyone. For all you do, God bless you tremendously!

Sanctus Belle said...

Ok, rough translations of the french:

"Persecutions fortify our souls and merit us Heaven"

My french is very rusty but this is the gist. And Micki please feel free to refer to my blog anytime! I most post this card on OLTears as well. May the Lord bless you.

Micki said...

Diane - You are a joy because you always love everything. So encouraging!

SB - Thanks. I put it on the post..people like to know what the words mean.