Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Third Tuesday of Advent...December 15


Remember your citizenship is in heaven. Don't keep your mind only on earthly things.

We eagerly await a Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ. He will transform your lowly body so that you will be like His glorious body.


Gardenia said...

your quote matches that holy card perfectly. those little children are making a joyful noise, you can tell. they look much like the hummels, don't they.

Ed Sousa said...

Micki, what a great message. We get so distracted at times by the things of the world that we forget about the things of God. We lose sight of what are true goal in life should be. That is to place God first in everything we do.
My Lord, My God, My All should be one of our prayers everyday.
Thank You Micki for reminding me of that.

Anonymous said...

The picture, the words, awesome! Your presentation, Micki, makes me dream that maybe, just maybe, these are our babies that the Lord has taken from us, playing in His greater plan.

Micki said...

Gardenia - Look like Hummels because it is a Hummel card :-)
Yes, children are definitely in charge of making the "joyful noise." Thanks.

Ed Sousa, Sr. - I'll join you in praying that along with you I'm reminded to keep my sight on HIM. Thanks for those words.

Anonymous - My heart is so touched with your sharing about your babies who are with the Lord. You are absolutely correct....I'm sure they are responsible for all that joyous noise. God bless you.