Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Heaven Could Not Contain.......December 29

O holy and immaculate Virgin,
how shall I praise you as I ought?
You have borne in your womb Him
Whom the heavens could not contain.


Anonymous said...

Good Morning, here I am coffee in hand. How can we thank the Blessed mother......Prayer,prayer and more prayer.For us it will never be enough,I feel as though I can see her smiling every prayer she hears. Blessed mother Thank You for your wonderous gift. Have a wonderful day Micki,enjoy your coffee as well.

Mary Lou said...

Good morning to all. And thank you Micki. Truly beautiful!

Micki said...

snflwr - Thank you for the coffee, it was delicious. Thanks for the nice vision of seeing Mary smiling when she hears our prayers. I'm sure she sometimes cries with us as well as laughs with us. Thanks for sharing.

Mary Lou - Good late afternoon to you ML. Thank you for leaving a few words....always appreciated.