Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Let Christ Be In Me........December 30

Mother of God, my mother,
make me love my neighbor
not only because
there is Christ in him
but also,
and much more,
because there is Christ in me.



Anne said...

Love this-the prayer and the picture! I posted something similar today about the Gospel reading. Sometimes it is so easy to forget that God lives within us and is always with us.

Anonymous said...

Love the beautiful saying :)

Gardenia said...

beautiful poem and picture. thanks.

Mary Lou said...

Beautiful picture and prayer! I can always count on lovely inspiration as I begin my morning prayers. Thank you Micki!

Anonymous said...

Like Marylou, My day feels that it will be complete,only,after I do my morning readings here then continue with my prayers.Yes,we tend to often forget that God lives within us and is always with us. Thank You,for the lovely reminder. a wonderful day to you all.
Micki, the coffe does add to it all,doesn't it?

Froggy said...

A lovely picture. Notice how the lamb is nuzzling Jesus' shoulder? Interesting. Thanks for sharing it.

Ed Sousa said...

Beautiful Micki. I come to your site everyday for my daily inspiration.

Micki said...

Anne - Great meditative thought. Thanks.

Tara - Happy to know's always fun to find a quote.

Gardenia - Thank you for your kind words.

Mary Lou - And you inspire me by saying something here begins your morning prapyers. Thank you.

snflwr - I have to laugh...drinking coffee and praying. I remember a story that was about a man who asked God if he could smoke while he prayed and God said "no". So then he asked if he could pray while he smoked and God said "of course." Wonder if that works with coffee too????

Froggy - Welcome! Don't you just love those little lambs? And "nuzzle" is such a heartwarming word. Love it. Thanks.

Ed S. - Oh Ed you are special. If I can bring you any inspiration I am humbled. Thanks dear lover of Mary and Jesus.

Anonymous said...

This is one of my favorite pictures of the Baby Jesus and Our Lady! It is so Beautiful. Thank You for sharing this sweet rememberance of this Holy Season!

May you and yours have a New Year that is filled with Peace, Love, Joy that comes from Heaven!~ John K.

Micki said...

John K - Thank you and as the kids say "back at you".
I'm so glad you love this's one of my favorites. Are we allowed to have many "favorites"? I hope so but wonder why "favorite" always seems to mean just one.

Toushiz said...

I enjoyed this post thanks for sharing