Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Mary With Child.....December 23


Turn your thoughts to Jesus Christ during Advent. Contemplate Him in the womb of Mary,
where He remains hidden.

To read more about Our Lady of the Cape click here


Anne said...

What a beautiful picture and a fascinating story! Thanks for posting this!

Mary Lou said...

What a perfect way to start this day, in meditation--- of the unborn Savior! Thank you, Micki!

Gardenia said...

I love the holy card. she is so reverent. the story is wonderful. I read a book recently on Our Lady of Guadalupe -- she appeared to Juan Diego as the pregnant Virgin Mary, something I did not know before reading the book. Hence, the reason why Our Lady of Guadalupe is the patron of the unborn. Everything I've read on Mary's visits to Earth state that she always appears as one of those to whom she appears -- so, she has the same sking color, speaks the same language, dresses the same as the visionaries dress. The Our Lady of Guadalupe book described that in those days
(1531) women who were pregnant wore a sash around their dress, above their waist. Indeed, in the images you see of Our Lady of Guadalupe she is wearing the sash. And here in your holy card, the Blessed Virgin is wearing the sash that signifies her pregnancy. Baby Jesus, our Lord and Savior, soon will be in his crib. My prayer this Advent is that I am able with Mary's grace, to adequately instill in my daughter (3 years old next month) the miracle of the baby in the manger.

Micki said...

Anne - Thank you.

Mary Lou - Nothing could be start a day with thoughts of Mary and Jesus.

Gardenia - Thank you for taking the time to inform all of us. That was very informative about the sash to show she was with child...and what a child He would be. I wish more people would read some of this information that gets posted in the comments.

Jenny said...

I always enjoy visiting and seeing all these beautiful cards! This one really called to me though. May we all be as peaceful as Mary looks here as we wait for our Savior to be born.

Micki said...

Jenny - I'll try to remember that peace as I scurry round trying to get a Christmas Dinner started a little ahead for tomorrow. Just have to share with you after looking at your "bio"....that I also love "A Tree Grows in Brooklyn"....what a winner that one was.