Thursday, December 10, 2009

Boat Called Hope.......December 10

Divine Jesus
Be Our Guide.
(card dated 1878)

Rember Advent is for preparing for the coming of Christ into our hearts, by faith, hope, and divine charity, as well as for His last Advent on Judgment Day."

Are you ready?

"waiting on the Lord,
praying for that miracle that always comes to us,
year after year, day after day!"

Thank you Gardenia


Unknown said...

Today in Spain we also celebrate the feast of Saint Eulalia, 12-year-old virgin martyr in Mérida.

Anonymous said...

Thankyou, Micki, for this powerful card!

Diane S.

Anonymous said...

A very powerful card."ARE WE READY?"

Something for us all to think about.A powerful reminder.

Thank You !!

Snflwr Ca.

Sanctus Belle said...

In the old days they really knew how to make beautiful holy cards.

Anonymous said...

Nothing in our lives nor our world--and I mean NOTHING, remains the same except our God! Among all other things, He is comforting! I pray that we are all ready to hop in that boat!

Gardenia said...

beautiful card. and that the boat is called Hope is so fitting.

Micki said...

Meldelen - Happy St. Eulalia to you. I'll have to read up on her. Thanks.

Diane S. - So glad you see the strength in the card.

Snflwr Ca. - Second time today the card was thought of as "powerful"...yes, we have a MIGHTY God who gives us HOPE. Thanks you.

Sanctus Bell - I so agree with you on that fact. I appreciate the freedom allowed the artists in days gone by.

Anonymous - Very meaningful insite you share. However, if we all get in that boat it might sink....then again, we have to have Hope that He will hold us up as He always does. Thanks.

Gardenia - Yes, I hope you enjoyed your words again...I sure did. Thanks.

Ed Sousa said...

I love this one Micki.
Thank You